Who am I?

About me. I am a loud and proud woman who values growth, creativity, and self expression. Researching and communicating the unique wants and needs of people brings me joy! I meet people where they’re at and value learning about people’s different lived experiences. I love bringing people from different fields together to collaborate and create something bigger than what any of us could accomplish alone.

What I’m doing. I am currently searching for my next work opportunity. My journey from academia to industry has been a continuous learning experience as I’ve navigated unemployment and multiple work environments all throughout a global pandemic. Overall, I want to work to improve employee experiences by applying my UX research skills, exploring my passion of equity diversity and inclusion (EDI), and continuing to sharpen my communication skills.

What I’ve done.  I have a masters of science in computational media design from the University of Calgary where I worked under the supervision of Lora Oehlberg (computer science department) and April Viczko (drama department). I also completed my bachelor of science in computer science at the University of Calgary in 2017.