Who am I?

About me. I am a user experience (UX) designer motivated by people. Solving problems and figuring out the unique wants and needs of people brings me joy! My passion is interdisciplinary work. I love bringing people from different fields together and working with them to create something bigger than what any of us could accomplish alone.

What I’m doing. I am currently working as Digital Designer at SAIT School for Advanced Digital Technology. In my free time, I am working on my personal brand and blog, Renee Claire Blog.

What I’ve done. In 2019, I completed a masters of science in computational media design at the University of Calgary under the supervision of Lora Oehlberg (computer science department) and April Viczko (drama department). I also completed my bachelor of science in computer science at the University of Calgary in 2017. My bachelor of science degree includes a concentration in computer graphics and a minor in visual studies and art history. My multitasking skills were showcased by my work as a Starbucks barista throughout my bachelor degree and my volunteer work teaching young people at the Calgary Public Library throughout my MSc degree.

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