Who am I?

About me. I am a user-experience designer with a passion for visual art, live performance, and creative writing. I am always looking for new ways to combine my love of technology with the fine arts. When completing my MSc, my research focused on designing technology for improvised theatre based on what improvisers use already in their practice. My research led me to publish two research papers and present my work at multiple conferences around the world. My design and communication skills are exemplified by my interdisciplinary work and I believe these skills can apply to many design-oriented positions.

What I’m doing. I am currently working on my own personal blog through Patreon. I am applying my user-experience design skills to create and promote my work through social media. I consider my brand, my audience, and my own passion for writing when creating my work.

What I’ve done. I have completed my MSc in computational media design at the University of Calgary under the supervision of Lora Oehlberg (computer science department) and April Viczko (drama department). I completed my BSc in computer science at the University of Calgary in 2017. My BSc degree includes a concentration in computer graphics and a minor in visual studies and art history. My multitasking skills were showcased by my work as a Starbucks barista throughout my BSc degree and my volunteer work teaching teenagers at the Calgary Public Library throughout my MSc degree.

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