Who am I?

About me. I am a Calgary based designer with a passion for the arts, user-centered design, and research. As a recent MSc graduate, my thesis research focused on designing technology for improvised theatre based on what improvisers use already in theatre. I have also studied design thinking techniques and explored how improvised theatre practices can apply to UX design for the ideation of technology. My design and communication skills are exemplified by my interdisciplinary work and I believe these skills can apply to many customer-centered positions.

What I’m doing. I am currently volunteering with the Calgary Public Library Foundation. My job involves working in the Calgary Public Library Foundation office to organize, fill, and send orders from the online store. I also help with calling and thanking library donors. In my free time, I am reading many library books and exploring my interests in creative writing and photography.

What I’ve done. I have recently completed my MSc in Computational Media Design at the University of Calgary under the supervision of Lora Oehlberg (CPSC) and April Viczko (Drama). I completed my BSc in Computer Science at the University of Calgary in 2017. My BSc degree also includes a Concentration in Computer Graphics and a Minor in Visual Studies and Art History. My multitasking skills were showcased by my work as a Starbucks barista throughout my BSc degree and my work as a Calgary Public Library volunteer for the codeTEEN program throughout my MSc degree.

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