Tales from the Virtual Edge

The Tales from the Virtual Edge was a SAIT public event with multiple demos set up from both SAIT and industry. My focus was the onboarding demo to introduce people to extended reality (XR) as all demos involved XR.

Many attendees had never used XR so our demo station was the first stop at the event where people could try pre-loaded experiences with us there to guide, teach, and support them.

I created a demo video showcasing the pre-loaded experiences so people could know what to expect with our demo. The video demonstrated a person wearing the XR device (HoloLens 2) and simultaneously showed what the person wearing the device was doing in augmented reality (AR).

I also created a survey to collect feedback from participants as they left the onboarding demo. The survey was accessed through a QR code which participants could easily scan on their way to other experiences at the event.

We had 60 minutes where people could come to our demo. The event had 75 people, we had 2 HoloLens devices, and we had 3 SAIT staff (including myself) conducting the onboarding demo. 15 people completed the onboarding demo and 7 of those people completed the survey.

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