Prague Quadrennial Flashtalk

Improvising with Performer-Controlled Technology during the Rehearsal Process In scripted theatre, technical effects are often only incorporated with the actors in cue-to-cue and dress rehearsals. Improvising with technical effects during the rehearsal process could uncover issues early, or express alternative ways to craft the performance. Our goal is to demonstrate how technology can be incorporated into …

The Key of T

The Key of T – UofC Mainstage – 2019 Projection Design – dir.: Bruce Barton All photographs by Tim Nguyen


Mauser – Alchemy Festival – 2019 Projection Design – dir.: Brittany Pack All photographs by Tim Nguyen

antigone lives*

antigone lives* – UofC Mainstage – 2018 Projection Design – dir.: Christine Brubaker All photographs by Tim Nguyen

Measures for Measures

Measures for Measures – Edinburgh Fringe Festival – 2012 Performed as Elbow – dir.: Karen Towsley All photographs by Tim Haley